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If you looked into the course section, you've probably noticed that I take a lot of them regularly.

On the last weekend, I spend a lot of time to accomplish another one. This is my final project for Harvard cs50x course - ColorGame!

ColorGame via ErhoSen

This game has written on JavaScript(using jQuery), CSS and HTML.

ColorGame is my first experience in JS game-developing. And if you have any recommendations or suggestions please contact me by erhosen@gmail.com.

Core idea of the game i have found on chinese web-site, but i can't find the link on it (strongly sorry!). All code has been written by myself, and sources are available in my GitHub repo.


All the magic happens in two functions:

function changeColor(master){
    var max_ind = master.indexOf(Math.max.apply(Math, master));
    var c = master[max_ind];
    c += k*5 + 10;
    if (c > 255){
        master[max_ind] -= (k*5 + 10);
    } else {
        master[max_ind] = c;
    return master;

function getRandomColorPair() {
    var resulted_colors = new Array(2);
    //generate random red, green and blue intensity
    var rgb = new Array(3);
    rgb[0] = getRandomInt(0, 255);
    rgb[1] = getRandomInt(0, 255);
    rgb[2] = getRandomInt(0, 255);
    resulted_colors[0] = "rgb(" + rgb.join(",") + ")";
    resulted_colors[1] = "rgb(" + changeColor(rgb).join(",") + ")";

    return resulted_colors;

Logic is simple: we randomly generate a set of 3 numbers, which represents 1 color. Next, we change the biggest number(b_num) by c.

If (b_num + c) > 255
    b_num-=  c
    b_num+= c

The magic number c depends on the current level, and the higher the level, the less the coefficient c.


Also, you can share a ColorGame link with your friends using buttons at the bottom of the screen. Buttons are provided by sharethis.com

ColorGame via ErhoSen

Have fun!